15th March 2017

Version 2.0 Headset

Cardboard V2

The Google Cardboard Version 2

The new and improved ‘Google Cardboard’ version 2 headset has increased support for larger devices and a physical push-button which causes a ‘touch’ on the phone’s capacitive display – providing Android and iPhone support.

The ‘Google Cardboard’ version 2 is designed to work with a broad range of phones – supporting up to the largest 6-inch display top-end devices on the market. This form factor makes the ‘Google Cardboard’ V2 one of the most cross-device compatible mobile VR headsets.

Improved input support, with new capacitive push-button.

Replacing the magnetic switch input of the V1 – The Google Cardboard v2.0 uses a physical ‘screen-touch’ button with a foil tip. This means when you press the button, it moves a lever to touch the screen. Therefore, it is compatible with 100% of smartphones with a touch screen input, meaning you can use all apps which require the input button.

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Wholesale and custom headsets, branded or bulk orders accepted internationally.

Our Google Cardboard inspired VR Headsets are available for volume sales and can be preprinted in your corporate colours, with your logo, website address and promotional headline to match a campaign.

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Google Cardboard Version 2

£9.99 £7.99

The Google Cardboard Version 2.0 Virtual Reality headset. The second iterations of the perfect solution for Virtual Reality on a budget!

  • Brand new Version 2.0 Google Cardboard Headset
  • Exact Google Cardboard V2.0 Specifications
  • Brand new capacitive touch pushbutton input (cross device support)
  • Made from High Quality, Hard-Wearing Cardboard
  • Android and iPhone Compatible – Supporting Devices with up to a 6″ screen size

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