15th March 2017


Custom design portfolio

BrizTech has had the opportunity to work with a broad range of clients on exciting projects, from design agencies or event companies to end users finding innovative uses for the headset. The galleries below feature a range of past headset designs.

Custom VR Headsets

Google Cardboard V2 headsets - branded by applying custom decals on key areas of the headset. This approach is ideal for low-cost or low-volume orders whilst still providing impressive results.

A collection of some of our best clients Google Cardboard 2 headset designs with examples from all areas of industry and education.

Examples of the original Google Cardboard V1 headset. Still popular due to it's flat-pack form.

Custom Branded Headsets

Our Google Cardboard inspired VR Headsets can be preprinted in your corporate colours, with your logo, website address and promotional headline to match a campaign. We can also offer design and artwork services to help you create the perfect branded VR headset.

You can find our more about our custom headsets here.

Custom Branded Google Cardboard